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Existing equipment with performance problems can many times be improved with solutions offered from BHP.
If you are looking to improve overall operating performance, we can help. This is possible if your equipment was
manufactured by a competitor or originally supplied by BHP.

Do you have equipment, which :-

• does not perform to the levels required by you, or
• creates bottlenecks in your Production Line, or
• consumes too much power, or
• is too costly to maintain, or
• needs an upgrade to match your current expectations, or
• is simply too old to remain in service in your plant?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "YES", please contact BHP Infrastructure Private Limited with details of your
existing equipment and your expectations. BHP will be able to propose a cost effective solution, utilizing as much of the existing
equipment parts as feasible and replacing the critical components with state-of-the-art components with improved performance
and new warranty.

BHP specializes in retrofitting your process equipment for
• Conservation of energy
• Retrofitting and upgrading old equipment
• Upgrading your existing BHP supplied equipment
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