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BHP Chain conveyors and feeders are designed to handle abrasive materials like fly ash, hot clinker, hot lime, coal, limestone lumps, etc. Various designs of chains are available for drag chain conveyor, en-masse conveyor and scraper/flight chain conveyor applications. These include drop forged chains, engineered steel plate chains with various designs of attachments. For handling abrasive materials, special hard face welded chains and attachments are available. These chains overcome all deficiencies inherent in the cast steel chain designs.

Drag/Flight conveyors incorporate chains with scraper bars or attachments that push the material in an enclosed and dust tight trough. Special design troughs are also available that provide airtight sealing and prevent false air to enter the conveying system. Multiple discharge conveyor designs can be provided depending on the applications. BHP has supplied chain conveyors for handling ESP dust, coal, sand, clinker, gypsum, lime stone, raw meal, slag dust, etc

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